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A Cinderella Christmas

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A Cinderella Christmas is an updated, family musical for the holidays.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful peasant girl who had two evil stepsisters. With the help of her fairy godmother, she attends a royal ball, meets her handsome prince and lives happily every after. A rags to riches family panto with a modern twist, A Cinderella Christmas features pop songs including “9 to 5,” “Breakaway,” “Royals” and “Just Haven’t Met You Yet.” From Lythgoe Family Productions – best known for the hit television shows American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance

Based on the Grimm fairytales and others, Lythgoe Family Panto produces fun, musical theatre the whole family can enjoy. Each story has been modernized with topical scripts for parents and well known hit songs for kids. The Lythgoes are dedicated to bringing affordable theatre to families across America while creating a memorable experience a family can share together.

CEO Kris Lythgoe explains, “The drive of Lythgoe Family Productions is to introduce kids and lower-income families to theater. Our big goal is to get kids into theaters.” “Panto is affordable and multigenerational,” adds Becky Lythgoe, Producer and Co-Founder.

Through their non-profit arm, Give Kids Panto, the Lythgoes create a free educational matinee to give children the opportunity to experience live theater for the first time at the holidays, underwritten by grants from the foundation. 

There is an opportunity to create a Winter Wonderland lobby experience for families with activities such as face painting, coloring, costume contest and photo booth – great for getting families to the theater early and for sponsor activation.

The productions are also available in a non-holiday version, perfect for Summer family musical programming.

What’s a Panto?

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Also from Lythgoe Family Panto

The productions created by Lythgoe Family Panto include Aladdin and His Winter Wish, Beauty and the Beast, A Cinderella Christmas, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Sleeping Beauty, A Snow White Christmas, and Wonderful Winter of Oz.


“A Cinderella Christmas is good fun with a superb cast, some fine pop singing and fast-paced dancing… and, first and foremost, a funfilled script by Kris Lythgoe.”
– BroadwayWorld

“Don’t miss this Lythgoe Family Panto, A Cinderella Christmas. This is a family show, created by a family for the family. Kids will delight in the sight gags and fast-paced dances, parents in the campy jokes and music. It’s a Christmas blast!”
– BroadwayWorld

More reviews about Lythgoe Family Panto

“Lythgoe Family Productions, which puts on interactive, Broadway-style musicals for kids, is becoming something of a force in live, family-friendly entertainment. Lythgoe shows reinterpret panto — the British Christmas tradition dating to the 1700s of musical comedy that mixes classic fairy tales with modern pop songs.”
– Los Angeles Times

“As this is a panto, the show subscribes to the time-honored tradition of reworking a well-known fairy tale and then skewering it with a self-aware, meta-sensibility—throwing in vaudevillian-like gags, light and inoffensive jokes, topical (and, often, location-based) humor, and plenty of audience participation to keep everyone part of the fun. And like most pantos, the show does indeed break the fourth wall at almost every opportunity—and encouraging the audience to be just as much of a participant in the proceedings as the actors are on stage.”
– BroadwayWorld

“A panto is an interactive entertainment that starts with a very contemporary retelling of a fairy tale such as Snow White, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, or in this case Cinderella and turns it into a fun imaginative show with music that will appeal to both children and their parents. There’s usually an actor or two in drag, and a villain … and audience are encouraged to root for the heroes and HISS loudly at the villains. It’s all in amusement, of course.”
– BroadwayWorld

“It’s cheeky holiday fun for the whole family and a nice transitional theater piece to introduce young audiences to the wonder of live musical theater. That’s a great enough reason to come check out this funny panto.”
– BroadwayWorld

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