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Be part of the startling world of mind-reading, suggestion and psychological illusion at the hands of UK phenomenon, Derren Brown. This spellbinding theatrical experience challenges us to take a closer look at the stories and beliefs that guide our lives. Don’t miss this unforgettable theatrical event!

Derren Brown performs using a combination of psychology, suggestion, magic and misdirection, and he has become one of the UK’s best-known performers. His seven critically-acclaimed stage shows have sold out engagements throughout the UK and in the West End, and Derren has just announced plans to tour the UK and Ireland in 2018. Derren’s unique skills and showmanship have garnered him world-wide acclaim and two Olivier Awards.

This year, Derren made his American theatrical debut with his newest show, DERREN BROWN: SECRET, which played to sold-out crowds and received rave reviews at the Atlantic Theater Company in New York City. Plans are underway for a Broadway premiere in 2018 and a limited North American tour of DERREN BROWN: SECRET starting September 2019.

It was recently announced that Derren is heading to Netflix with three upcoming specials (Derren Brown: The Push, Derren Brown: Miracle, and an upcoming Netflix original).

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“An ENTHRALLINGLY BAFFLING one-mentalist show that turns out to have SO MANY MEANINGS THAT YOU SOON STOP COUNTING! Derren manages to make us believe that all in the audience are psychically connected. He plunges into the deepest recesses of his volunteers’ thoughts, with results that have you SLAPPING YOUR FOREHEAD.”
– Ben Brantley, The New York Times

“It was a treat to feel BAFFLED AND BAMBOOZLED by something that had nothing to do with politics, and a SALUTARY REMINDER THAT EVEN IN A DISENCHANTED AGE, SOME MYSTERIES REMAIN.”
– Alexis Soloski, The Guardian

– Jenna Scherer, Time Out New York

“THOROUGHLY WINNING! DAZZLING! It’s not Vegas glitzy but his new show plays as PURE ENTERTAINMENT.”
– Michael Giltz, Huffington Post

“AN ASTOUNDING PIECE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL THEATER, and not knowing anything about it makes the experience all the more MIND-BLOWING. The first-act finale is as THRILLING AND MIND-BOGGLING as any of the great curtain-closers from the entire canon of American drama. IT IS BOUND TO MAKE AUDIENCES WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN!”
– David Gordon, TheaterMania

“DAZZLING WIZARDRY! A wild-eyed, “how’d he do that” romp!”
– Steven Suskin, Huffington Post

– Joe McGovern, Entertainment Weekly

More Raves for DERREN BROWN

“I did not expect to be moved by “Enigma,” the wildly popular show at the Adelphi Theater. Amused, yes, and possibly even amazed. But emotionally stirred? By a magic act, performed by a fast talker in tails?”
– Ben Brantley, The New York Times

“There’s a depth of intelligence…a relish for the poetical and the philosophical too – that easily stands comparison with the finest drama.”
– Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph

“Simply miraculous. Completely astounding.”
– Daily Telegraph

“Here’s hoping the 11 out of 10 rating will lure you into booking a seat. The man is, quite simply, magic.”
– Daily Star

“It’s a sensational show in every sense, and a potentially life-changing one, too.”

“Truly gob-smacking.”
– The Stage

“The nation’s favourite mentalist explores faith healing in show that leaves skeptics’ and believers’ minds jitterbugging.”
– The Guardian

“This was my first time seeing Derren Brown Live —and now I’m a believer.”
– TimeOut

“Gobsmackingly wonderful. Spell-binding entertainment.”
– Evening Standard

“Miracle is a clever, eye-opening, and mesmerizing show.”
– Big Issue

“Thrilling, confounding and delirious. Praise be, indeed.”

“Clearly the greatest dinner party guest in history…or the scariest man in Britain.”
– The Guardian

“In terms of sheer astonishment, it is hard to think of a theatrical equal.”
– The Financial Times

“Brown is a consummate showman with a connection to his audience and a lightness of touch that is matched only by the greatest actors and comedians. If every era has one great magician, then he is certainly ours.”
– The Stage

“Brown can command a packed house with an assurance that has the audience laughing uproariously at one moment and sitting in rapt and silent wonder the next.”
– Daily Telegraph

“His talent for storytelling and inherent sense of humor adds an element of standup comedy to the production, making the performer compelling to watch even when he isn’t warping logic beyond recognition.”

“It is on the stage that he really comes alive – relishing the chance to stun and baffle his audience.”
– The Daily Mail

“I can’t think there’s a more joyfully entertaining evening to be spent in a theatre at the moment. This is entertainment as charming as it is dazzling, with a finale that is sure to leave you breathless.”
– CityAM

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